Motorized card dispenser for plastic cards, RFID cards, IC smart cards & hybrid cards

Tough, compact and reliable.

Universal motorized card dispenser for ISO cards, magnetic cards, smart cards & RFID cards

If you need a sophisticated motorized card dispenser or card dispenser to dispense plastic cards in ISO 7810 / ID-1 format, you have come to the right place. Our devices are ideally suited for the issuance and redemption of various card types such as chip cards, magnetic stripe cards or RFID cards. Optionally, the automatic motorized card dispenser can also be supplied with a high-performance integrated chip card reader and/or RFID reader. This allows chip cards of ISO 7816 and all common RFID and NFC cards of ISO 14443 A/B as well as ISO 18092 (NFC) to be read and encoded. This allows the card dispenser to be quickly upgraded to a card encoder.

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MCR-571: The motorized card dispenser for ISO cards in credit card format.

Optionally available with high-performance RFID reader unit.

The MCR-571 is a motorized card dispenser for PVC and PET cards in ISO check card format. It convinces by its compact design as well as by high robustness and reliability.

The capacity of the card dispenser is 120 cards in the basic version and can be optionally expanded to up to 500 cards with interchangeable magazines.
A low remaining card level in the card slot can be queried by the controller via sensor.

The built-in RS-232 interface and a fully documented interface protocol support easy commissioning. The test software with monitor function additionally facilitates software development.

The preset card thickness can also be changed easily and precisely if required.

Optionally, the MCR-571 card dispenser is available with an additional high-performance RFID reader. This allows all common RFID and NFC cards of ISO 14443 A/B and ISO 18092 (NFC) to be read and encoded, e.g. cards from the MIFARE® series, DESFire®, NTAG®213, 215, 216 and FeliCa®.
Another variant of the card dispenser is available for the combination of chip cards and RFID cards.

The MCR-571 can be used for card issuance as a card dispenser, for card redemption,  as a card issuing and vending machine and optionally as a reader and writer for contactless RFID cards or contact chip cards.

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Metriax-MCR 571-Motorkartenleser-Kartenspender-analog QCR 571-motorisierter Kartenspender-RFID-Chipkarten-Magnetstreifenkarten-kartenleser-kartendispenser
Wechselmagazine-Kartendispenser-Schachterweiterungen-Kartenschacht-Stacker-Kartenleser-Kartenvorratsbehälter-Kartenausgabe-RFID Karten-Chipkarten-Plastikkarten

Matching extension stacker for the MCR-571 card dispenser

Greatest possible flexibility for your card dispenser.

The capacity of the card stack can be changed very easily and quickly using the matching stacker extensions. In the basic version, the card dispenser has a capacity of 120 cards. With the modular extension stacker, the capacity of the card dispenser magazine can be increased to 250 or to 500 cards. The card storage container can be locked if required, and the cards in the stacker can be weighted down.

We will be happy to advise you on which version best suits your application!

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