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RFID & QR-Code Combination Devices

RFID, NFC & QR code reader in one device – contactless and flexible to use.

MDQ Mini-RFID-QR-Code-Reader-Leser-Metriax


Small & compact

Metriax GmbH-RFID-NFC-QR Code Leser-Barcode Lesegerät-Hybridleser


Next generation POS

Metriax-MDE-QDE-Itouchpopx-duali-rfid-nfc-13,56mhz-hf-reader-writer-barcode-qrcode-mifare-desfire-entrance-time attendance-payment reader-contactless

MDQ-iTouch X

The “multi-talent”

RFID & NFC Devices

For every application

Our RFID devices cover almost all common chip types from the HF area.
These include ISO-14443 A & B, ISO-15693, ISO 18092 (NFC), Mifare® series (e.g. Mifare®, Mifare Plus®, DESFire®), NTAG®, FeliCa® etc.
We are happy to advise you, contact us!

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RFID wall mount reader

Metriax-MDE 950-HF-RFID-RS485-Modbus RTU Reader-Charging controller-similar QDE 950 4 C1-Phoenix-13,56 MHz

Start charging processes at electric charging stations, open doors or enable machines – contactless, safe and reliable.

Also available without housing with IP65.

-> 46 x 105 x 20 mm


RFID wall mount reader

Metriax-MDE 960-RFID-NFC-Wandleser-Modbus-Tastatur-IP65-HF-13,56MHz

Start charging processes at electric charging stations, open doors or unlock machines – contactless, secure and reliable, with additional options through keypad and ISO15693 (ICODE®) support.

-> 60 x 120 x 25 mm


RFID built-in module

Metriax-MDE ABCM6 Modul- RFID Modul-Antennenmodul-NFC-HF-13,56MHz-nachrüsten-kontaktos-Seriell-USB-Schnittstelle

The compact RFID & NFC module with integrated antenna for space-saving installation without housing.
Also available as HID version.

-> 43.5 x 32 x 5 mm

RFID & NFC Transponders

Matching accessories for your RFID / NFC system

Our cards and keyfobs can be obtained as blank cards / keyfobs, or individually designed and printed. In addition to our layout service, we offer many different options with which you can create a distinctive recognition value, e.g.:

Overlay glossy / matte
3D effect by hotstamp or metallic powder
Gold / silver / mirrored print possible
Integrated LED (NFC cards)
Laser engraving
Epoxy coating
and much more – contact us, we will be happy to be your reliable partner for card technology!



for all common chip types and frequencies, e.g. NXP Hitag, Mifare® Classic®, Ultralight®, DESFire®, NTAG & Legic

Metriax-RFID Card-HF-LF-13,56MHz-Printed-125Khz Card-NXP Hitag-Mifare Classic®-Ultralight®-DESFire®-NTAG-Legic-NFC


for all common chip types and frequencies, e.g. NXP Hitag, Mifare® Classic®, Ultralight®, DESFire®, NTAG & Legic


Special designs

for all common chip types and frequencies, e.g. NXP Hitag, Mifare® Classic®, Ultralight®, DESFire®, NTAG & Legic

Card Reader & Card Dispenser

Card management made easy

Whether you want to set up a self-service terminal, automate card return or make card issuing easier – we will find the right solution!

Currently you will not find all available devices on our website – so please do not hesitate to ask us!


Motor card reader with RS-232 interface

Metriax-MCR-310-motorized card reader-RFID-NFC-Card-Shutter

Whether access control, self-service or parking management, the MCR-310 is up to its requirements. All common card types, such as magnetic cards, chip contact or RFID/NFC cards are supported. We will be happy to advise you!


Motor card reader with RS-232 & USB interface

Metriax-MCR-310-Motorkartenleser-RFID-Chipkarten-Magnetkarten-Kartenleser-13,56 MHz-HF-RS232-ISO-USB

MCR-NU01 is a compact motorised card reader for PVC and PET cards in ISO format and can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to the built-in RS-232 interface, the motorised card reader can also be operated via a built-in USB interface.


Card dispenser, optionally with RFID / NFC unit

Metriax-MCR-571-Card Dispenser-Card Reader-RFID-NFC

Small, compact and powerful. The MCR-571 processes up to 100 cards in a stack and can be optionally upgraded to 500 cards in a stack.
With the optional high performance RFID/NFC unit, cards can also be individually written and read before issuance.

About Us

Based in Wuppertal, we mainly serve our customers in the DACH region. Since we can also count many internationally operating companies among our customers, our RFID solutions are now used worldwide. Maybe you have already stood in front of one of our devices at the airport or at the electric charging station without noticing it?

Our Team

Ø Years of experience in RFID

Our employees have an average of more than 15 years of experience in the professional RFID environment and will be happy to assist you in word and deed!


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